A Guide to Reporting on Infosec.Exchange: Rule Violations

You've seen something bad in the Fediverse. Now you want to let someone know about it. Start here.

A handy graphical flow-chart of this process is also available.

What do you want to report?

The Infosec.Exchange rules only apply on Infosec.Exchange. So the first thing we have to figure out is which people involved are have accounts on Infosec.exchange.

If everyone involved in this situation is on an instance other than infosec.exchange, we not only can't do much, we probably won't do much.

If it is content that does not target our users and doesn't originate from our users, we encourage you to use the Mastodon features for filtering and blocking unwanted content.

If you think it somehow rises to the point that we should take a server-wide action, make sure you explain that in your report.

Please Report: We protect our users. To the best of our ability they will be kept safe here.

Note: If it is a direct message, moderators can't see DMs 1). You must send screenshots.

Please report: We take the rules seriously and we will take action when rules are violated.

Note: If it is a direct message, send us the screenshots.

It's true that the administrator has access to a database containing all messages including DMs and theoretically could run a SQL query. However, there is no moderator UI to allow us to see DMs. Yes, someone could build one but no-one wants that. So, since moderators can't read DMs, the tradeoff is that you have to send us the screenshots of problematic DMs so we can evaluate them.