Fill out your profile

If you just arrived here, before following lots of people, it’s a good idea to complete your profile page.

This will increase the chance of people following you back and/or finding your profile.

  • Bio. Write about who you are and/or what you like in your profile bio (you can use hashtags there so people can find you). It’s okay if it’s short, but write something 📝
  • Profile picture. Personalize your profile picture with something you like. Don’t just let the Mastodon default, it makes you look like an anonymous bot. And you are not a bot! (unless you are) 🤖
  • #Introduction. You can write an introduction about yourself in a toot (post) and use the hashtag #introduction. You can pin this to your profile page so it stays at the top. You don’t have to write it right away, but it can help people finding you and deciding to follow you #️⃣
  • Say something. Post or boost a few toots that you like, so that your profile timeline isn’t completely empty :boost_ok:​

Now your profile looks like a page that represents you, follow the people that interest you. Interact with them. Be kind 💚 Make friends! :ablobsmile:​