How to support & contribute to Infosec.Exchange

Infosec.Exchange is a bit of a phenomenon. Think of it, with Elon Musk taking over Twitter, the platform witnessed a mass exodus of 'infosec' people, including many Twitter infosec celebrities with a MASSIVE following (100k+), and social media clout to… this single, humble Mastodon instance that, until recently, was not very known…

This, of course, comes with a price.

Believe it or not, Infosec.Exchange has actual financial costs associated with its hosting. Yup, it doesn't happen in a void, there are a lot of toots, a lot of pictures of cats, a lot of disk space, and network bandwidth that someone has to pay for!

Luckily for you, me and everyone else enjoying presence of this little gem… options exist for you to support Infosec.Exchange financially!

Don't be shy and support the below: